Clare Crespo


b. 1986, HK.



ace hotel, new orleans
ace hotel, palm springs
american express
atelier ace
betty crocker
bryer’s ice cream
duncan hines
freemantle media
hurray today calendars
hyperion books
irene neuwirth
maison de la luz
melcher media
one person show at aaron rose’s alleged gallery
one person show heath ceramics
paper magazine’s super duper mart
paperchase press
permanent diorama at beechwood cafe
the mini show at the lodge


Clare Crespo is a fantasist. What one sees as a simple plate of fried chicken, Clare sees as an icon of our cultural identity. Her work gives voice to objects that can’t speak — food, mandalas, dioramas, lovebirds made of intricate suede, crocheted shrimp cocktails, king cakes and oysters, there is nothing spared from her commitment to creating fantasy out of the familiar, beauty out of the ordinary. It’s this unique take on what the artifacts of our culture mean to us, the pleasure they bring us, filtered through an anamorphic lens, that are served up with such emotional resonance and humor.

There is a clear logic and a consistent aesthetic style that is evident in all of Clare’s work — it can be fun, twisted, dark, delicious, richly functional, and sometimes nostalgic. The use of food in her work celebrates and explores creativity and invention and community, and underscores the comfort they bring and the world that they come from. Her work shows a serious commitment to subverting the limitations of the false normality that tries to rule us all. Her work is found outside the trappings of high art, and art world systems, instead playing in the worlds of cookbooks, cooking shows, crocheted food sculpture, illustrated calendars of food mandalas, sandwich stationary, and intricate dioramas that contain feral creatures and magnificent handmade birds and foliage.

Clare’s work speaks for the inanimate things in our culture, and she fabricates their story by creating a magical world for them to exist. Food is the spine of a lot of Clare’s work, the vehicle she uses to explore the delicious facets of our everyday lives. But more than that, Clare’s art resides in that fantastical place of fleeting belief that inanimate things do speak to us. That zone of faith that we lose as we age. That sublime place where cherished objects do have character and emotion and soul. Her art rests in the belief that what we choose to collect and make in life has a mutual plan.

CV available upon request.